Our History

Want to Fly Parasail's crew are dedicated watermen and women. Most of their experience been spent in water sports, recreational and commercial aviation.

Parasail 1 Captain has been on the water as a captain on numerous parasail vessels, jet boats and sea planes since a young age. His expert knowledge and training make Want to Fly Parasail one of the safest parasailing operations not just in Australia, but in the world, Joining an elite few that hold the 100% safety standard.

Our Operation

Want to Fly Parasail uses a purpose-built, pro marine parasail vessel (Parasail 1) [survey number 21261]. The vessel is kept to the highest standard, undergoing a major refit in 2018. Want to Fly Parasail uses the very best parasailing equipment from around the world and actively invests in research and development to ensure parasailing becomes safer for all participants not only our own.

Parasail operations in Port Stephens provides numerous locations to provide clean stable airflow for parasailing. Our captains and operational crew decide prior to every parasail which location is most suitable for each flight taking into account the latest weather information and local conditions.

Who We Are



Was big in the nightclub scene in the 80’s and 90’s. He started parasailing at age 18 once he got his wings he started batting above his average and decided to pursue a modelling career. He got no work, so went back to parasailing and has been doing it ever since.. Still looking for modelling work!



Is one experienced dude! Nickname in the industry is cat, for the way that he sticks to the deck.

The Hoff


He is the next up and coming parasailing captain due to receive his wings. We believe he might be David Hasselhoff's love child.


Operations Manager

She thinks that manual labour is the name of a Spanish tennis player. Drinks soy lattes regularly and if one is found on the boat it will be poured on her head.